Autor(es): Ana Julia Rodrigues , Luiz Afonso Baron Bortoluzzi , Vania Elisabete Schneider,
Orientador: Juliano Rodrigues Gimenez
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System Internationalization: Translation of Textual Elements to English
The Internationalization of the Environmental Information System (SIA) involves the transcription of textual elements into English language in order to make the system globally visible. The translation of elements tends the maintenance of the website to develop communication between SIA and its foreign entities; the focus is the transmission of information on qualitative and quantitative data from Taquari-Antas Basin to international community. The importance of the system internationalization is the expansion of performance of the Environmental Sanitation Institute (ISAM) in researches and the increased participation of foreign people in studies about Taquari-Antas Basin. Thus, English is the chosen language to inaugurate ISAM's internationalization process because it´s responsible for connecting the globalized world and providing many opportunities to students around the world. The object of study was divided between the analysis of pending texts for transcription, the development of translations according to the pending texts and finally, the review of transcribed textual productions; the practical method has consisted of text interpretation in order to make the translations precise for foreign readers. The translations highlighted essential parameters to understanding the process of data collection and the study structure so that other researchers can access the databases. Furthermore, the production of the translations was based on texts of Educational SIA, specifically in water quality module, where all the relevant information for collection of data related to the basin are found. The main textual elements transcribed were based on legislative resolutions that establish several guidelines for water bodies, such as the classification of water bodies according to their quality (CONAMA 357/2005 Resolution),  Water Quality Index (IQA), Trophic State Index (IET), Toxicity Index (IT) and Framework Compliance Index (ICE). Therefore, the importance of the universalization of concepts and parameters presented is remarkable in order to have greater efficiency and practicality in knowledge transmission among researchers of various nationalities. As a complement, the insertion of transcribed data directly into the system was assigned to technicians in Information Technology (IT) area.

Palavras-chave: Internationalization, Translation, Researches.